Political parties survey on fiscal discipline

The purpose of the survey is to document party intentions in elections with significant fiscal implications.

Which political parties and when to engage? The poll will be organised so to prevent a party with an opportunity to enter the Saeima not to be ignored. Therefore, the questionnaire will be easily accessible to all, but specific work will be done with parties that are expected to gain more weight in the next Saeima. The optimal option would be to start collecting data after publishing Latvia's Stability programme and Council interim report based on the results of a recent public opinion poll. In the sample, all parties will be included above a certain support threshold (for example, 3%).

Survey format. With the largest, but also with other parties invited, we will meet to explain the survey methodology, fill in the answers as much as possible and allow them to be specified to better match the parties' programmes documents. The aim is to get information about the parties' approach to fiscal policy issues, and not to surprise them with unprepared.

Interviews will be organised in a manner to ensure transparency of the project. Parties will be addressed via e-mail, providing a brief and specific explanation of the purpose of the conversation. If there is no response, we can call because it is possible that the e-mail is in the spam folder. In the form of an interview meeting, secretarial staff and / or council members could take part in order to provide flexibility in the first such event in Latvia.

As regards policy costs, parties will be asked to submit their assessments.

The results of the survey will be published separately, reflecting the views of each party in a way that would help users analyse. The main input of the Council would be the formulation of the questions (the content side), but the answers would be in full control of the political parties. The Council's assessment, based on the survey, focuses on the ranking of political parties following their fiscal responsibility, taking into account the comparison of superficial cost estimates over the years of the election cycle.

Questionnaire has been finalised during the first interviews (available in MS Excel format (in Latvian)). Data assumptions are updated according to the Latvia's Stability programme.

Replies will be published here in MS Excel format.

Comments and questions regarding the survey and the questionnaire are welcome in writing to info@fdp.gov.lv or approaching by phone +371 6708 3650.

On 23 March 2018 the Council sent an invitation letter (available here in Latvian) to Saeima Budget committee for further cooperation in this exercise. Meeting will be held on 17 April 2018. Presentation available in Latvian here.

Informative seminar for all interested will be held on 19 April 2018. Presentation available in Latvian here. Meeting video in Latvian here.

On 25 April 2018 the Council sent an invitation letter (available here in Latvian) to political parties inquiring interview time.

On 22 May 2018 the interviews have been launched. Presentation available in Latvian here. Questionnaire with examples is available here in Latvian

Last modified : 27 May 2018