05.10.2016 surveillance report

According to the Fiscal Discipline Law Article 29 Part 1, the Council attaches to the Medium Term Budget Framework Draft Law the Fiscal discipline surveillance report.

Fiscal discipline surveillance report (No 1-08/1186) sent to the Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers. More information available here (whole document available here).

Surveillance report Annex 1 Recommendations progress available here.
Surveillance report Annex 2 Council's Opinion on the Ministry of Finance’s Macroeconomic Forecast (16 June 2016) available here.
Surveillance report Annex 3 Survey on Tax Morale available here.
Surveillance report Annex 4 Survey on Budget Discipline available here.
Surveillance report Annex 5 Ernst&Young Consultations available here.
Surveillance report Annex 6 Numerical fiscal rules (MS Excel table) available here.

Summary of recommendations of the Surveillance report available here.

06.10.2016 Press conference presentation available in Latvian here. Press conference video available in Latvian here.

Main findings from Fiscal discipline surveillance report 2016. Video with English subtitles.
Briefly and clearly about fiscal discipline. Video with English subtitles.

On 12 January 2017 the Ministry of Finance provided the reply (No 3-1-02/218) on Surveillance report. Available here in Latvian.

Ministry of Finance 2016 Fiscal risks statement available in Latvian here.

Last modified : 17 January 2019