2016 reports archive

In 2016 Fiscal discipline council published:

- 19.02.2016 Fiscal discipline council opinion on the Ministry of Finance's macroeconomic forecast

- 11.04.2016 Fiscal discipline interim report (opinion) on the Latvia Stability Programme 2016-2019.  

- 16.06.2016 Fiscal discipline council opinion on the Ministry of Finance's macroeconomic forecast.

- 05.10.2016 Fiscal discipline surveillance report.

- 11.11.2016 Non-conformity report regarding the reallocation of appropriations from the Ministry of Finance’s budget sub-programme "Payments to the budget of the European Community".

- 09.12.2016 Verifying compliance with the requirements of Article 11 of the Fiscal Discipline Law.

Last modified : 24 December 2017