Cycle heatmap

Quarterly the Council, similary to other EU member states' independent fiscal institutions, prepares Latvian economy cycle heatmap.

Heatmap available in MS Excel format from 2010 1st quarter till 2019 3rd quarter.

Long-term observations from 2000 1st quarter till 2019 3rd quarter available in MS Excel format here.

The Latvian economy still maintains growth inertia, keeps high employment and strong demand for labor, as wage convergence to average levels in the EU continues in both the private and public sectors, and capacity utilization remains high. Price inflation remains low, while being highest since 2010. According to EUROSTAT, core inflation was 2.4% on average in the third quarter of 2019. Lending remains weak and banks are cautious expanding lending to non-financial residents of Latvia.


Last modified : 13 January 2020