Fiscal Discipline Council documents:

Reports - regular monitoring reports that are attached to the Medium term Budget Framework Draft Law and irregularity reports that are adopted in accordance with the observed violation of the fiscal discipline requirements, as well as Council opinion on other issues of fiscal policy and macroeconomic development if Council considers them as relevant for the purpose of the FDL. The Council endorses or rejects the macroeconomic forecasts prepared by the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding.

Monitoring - in accordance with the Fiscal Discipline Law the Council monitores implementation of the annual State budget law from the revenues side, taking as the source State Revenue service revenues data and implementation of the annual State budget law from expenditures side, taking as the source Treasury data. Once in a quarter the Council prepares a quarterly report on the implementation of the revenues and expenditures side and a quarterly report about the resource allocation from "Funds for Unforeseen Events".

Legal acts - national laws and regulations and also European law that are related to the Fiscal Discipline Council work.

Council meetings minutes - in accordance with the Procedure of the Fiscal Discipline Council the minutes of the Council meetings are publicly available.

Procurements and concluded contracts - Fiscal Discipline Council expert and technical operations procurements, procurements results and concluded contracts.

Last modified : 14 February 2019