About the Shadows day at the Fiscal council  10 February 2016

About the Shadows day at the Fiscal council

Fiscal discipline council as one of its tasks has also stated public education and knowledge-sharing, which is an essential element of good governance. In Latvia it is now already became as a tradition the so-called "Shadows day". It is a good opportunity to address the audience of secondary school pupils, allowing them to take part in the daily work and get to know professionals who work at the Council. This year Council secretariat has also two "shadows" - Ieva Kruzmane and Eduards Osis.

Eduards Osis from Riga State Gymnasium No. 1 tells: "I'm grateful for opportunity to "shadow" Fiscal Discipline Council. During this day I gained new and valuable knowledge about planning of government's budget and macroeconomics. Shadowing this Council I understood that working for government is not that boring and uninteresting as I thought before and in fact is quite opposite of that."

Ieva Kruzmane From Kandava's Kārļa Mīlenbaha secondary school adds: "By applying to this vacancy I didn't expected this day to be so interesting because I received a call from Mrs Dace Kalsone and she warned me that this day wouldn't be so entertaining, but an ordinary workday with full options to shadow. But this day was so exciting and all of the staff were unexpectedly positive not conservative, like I thought it would be in proffesions that has something in common with economics and finances."

Full press release is available in Latvian.