Baltic Fiscal institutions continue the budget discipline discussions in Lithuania  3 June 2016

On 2 June 2016 Baltic independent institutions met for the second time. This year meeting was at the State Audit Office of the Republic of Lithuania, which is the Lithuanian independent fiscal institution. Baltic experts have exchanged the experience about the macroeconomic and fiscal policy issues. Lithuanian colleagues informed about their plans to issue fiscal sustainability report at the end of June 2016. Starting from this year the report will be published regularly. Next year meeting of the Baltic independent institutions will be held in Estonia.

On 3 June 2016 in Lithuanian Parliament there was the international conference on the fiscal discipline. In the conference there have been discussed issues about the medium-term budgetary framework and fiscal rules. Latvian Fiscal council chairman Jānis Platais informed about the fiscal rules experience. Dr. Gerhard Steger shared his experience regarding the budget reform in Austria.