Edvards Kalniņš: I tried to understand the creative work approach of macro-economists  14 February 2018

Edvards Kalniņš: I tried to understand the creative work approach of macro-economists

Fiscal discipline council as one of its tasks has also stated public education and knowledge-sharing, which is an essential element of good governance. In Latvia it is now already became as a tradition the so-called "Shadows day". It is a good opportunity to address the audience of secondary school pupils, allowing them to take part in the daily work and get to know professionals who work at the Council. This year Council secretariat has also two "shadows" – Dārta Plato and Edvards Kalniņš.

Edvards Kalniņš has shared his experience at the Council: "In "Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise Latvija" orgnised "Shadow day" (Ēnu diena) I participated for the second time and also this time, and also got acquainted with the specifics of the job of a representative of a profession working in a public sector. Earlier it was the Minister of Health of the Republic of Latvia Guntis Belēvičs, this time - employees of the Council of Fiscal Discipline and economist Dace Kalsone.

Currently I am studying at 11th grade and still do not know what I want to do in the future. I have a lot of interests and industries where I would also be interested, but which one is the right one for me, I haven’t decided yet. Before making this responsible decision, there is a lot to be considered, but I believe that the experience of "Shadow day" will influence the process of making this decision.

"Shadowing" the Council of Fiscal Discipline, I learned about the history and basic function of this institution, and also tried to understand the creative work approach of macro-economists, their work day and the duties to be performed. I participated also and understood the order of organization of the press conference and the necessary preparations.

I admit that not all the terms and concepts heard today were understandable to me, some of them I heard for the first time, but I am glad and grateful for what I saw and done in this day, which will surely be needed for me in the future, even if I do not  choose the profession of economist."

Full press release is available in Latvian.