Fiscal Council Fiscal Risks working group discusses the micro-enterprise tax regime and fiscal risks declaration  1 February 2016

A meeting of the Fiscal Risk Working Group of the Fiscal Discipline Council took place on 1 February 2016. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Finance and the State Revenue Service. The first item on the agenda was a discussion on the micro-enterprise tax regime. The main point of discussion was the social, economic and fiscal impact of this tax regime. The Declaration of Fiscal Risks was also discussed during the meeting by broadening the definition of fiscal risks to gain a more complete understanding of the factors that can negatively affect the budget balance.

The Fiscal Risks Working Group is one of two main working groups of the Fiscal Council and comprises the following members of the Council – Ingars EriņšAndžs Ūbelis andJānis Platais (chair).