Non-conformity report regarding the maximum expenditure ceilings  5 February 2018

Also this year, the Cabinet of Ministers continues its action, which was initiated last year, in which the decisions taken by the Government intend to spend saved resources on those budget programs that are especially protected. Article 5 of the Fiscal Discipline Law establishes state budget programs in which savings mean a reduction in the maximum budget expenditures, rather than the possibility of reallocating financial resources to other Government needs.

Chairman of the Fiscal Discipline Council Jānis Platais emphasizes: "The Council can not agree with the view that the reallocation of appropriations is permissible in the meaning of Latvian law, as the redistribution results in the modification of the appropriations covered by the provisions of Chapter II of the Law on Fiscal Discipline." 

During the Cabinet meeting that took place on 30 January 2018 the Cabinet adopted the conceptual report on "On the proposals of the Cooperation Platform "Demogrāfisko lietu centrs" (Demographic Affairs Center) in support of families with children in 2018-2020". Specifically the Cabinet accepted a proposal that allows reallocation of funds earmarked for the state family benefits for the purposes of implementing other priority measures proposed by the Demographic Affairs Center, if any savings in this budget category are identified.  

Irregularity report available here.