Reports on the public opinion surveys carried out in 2016 have been published  8 November 2016

The Council commissioned two public opinion surveys in the first half of 2016. The first studied the attitude of Latvia’s inhabitants towards paying taxes (carried out by Latvijas fakti). The aim of the second survey was to ascertain people’s opinion on issues pertaining to fiscal policy and budget discipline (carried out by SKDS).

“The survey on tax morale confirmed the widely held belief that Latvia’s population is lenient towards tax evasion. Many people have experience of tax evasion and are dissatisfied with their financial situation and the quality of public services. Increasing government revenues may be difficult without increasing trust in the tax system”, notes Emils Kilis.

The report on the tax morale survey is available here.

“The results show that Latvia’s inhabitants believe that counter-cyclical fiscal policy and a disciplined approach to budgeting are desirable when thinking about public finance. Nonetheless, it is also evident that there is pessimism and gaps in knowledge regarding Latvia’s performance in the area of budget discipline”, Emils Kilis concludes.

The report on the fiscal policy and budget discipline survey is available here.