Shadows day in the Fiscal Council  13 February 2019

Shadows day in the Fiscal Council

As always, also this year there are shadows in the Fiscal Council. Two pupils who have excellently passed the pre-selection competition - the test about the basics of fiscal discipline - were in the Council today. Madara Vineta Stivriņa from Daugavpils State Gymnasium and Elizabete Kancēviča from Riga State 3rd Gymnasium.

Dace Kalsone, Secretary of the Council with gratitude, says: "They were great. Helped in comparing the tax revenue of the State Revenue Service and the Treasury for 2018, and the end was both a presentation and a great data table prepared. That is very useful for us - revenue structure changes between 2017 and 2018. I'm already waiting for the next shadow day ".

Madara Vineta Stivriņa told: "Today, I was shadow for Fiscal discipline council's representative Dace Kalsone, and time is running very fast. I have a chance to be a while in this proffesion. I have received answers to all my questions. The main answer what I received was, what is Fiscal discipline councile everyday duties. The main takeaway is to believe Yourseld and love all what you do. Thanks for this chance!"

Elizabete Kancēviča told: "Today I was shadow to the secretary of the Fiscal discipline council. In school I learn economy and calculus with figures are close to me, because of that I really enjoy this day with Dace. I am pleased with the opportunity to made tax revenue table and graph, as well as to experience a real working day in Fiscal discipline council participating in a video call to Spain Fiscal council. Because I met people in Fiscal discipline council and in the Ministry of Finance, I will go home with some advice from them, which I will use in different life situations. The relationship that exists here were so sincere, that arise desire to come back. Thanks!"