The Council concludes that the deficit has increased considerably compared to what was planned  26 January 2016

After reviewing the outturn of the consolidated general budget for 2015, the Council concludes that the deficit has increased considerably, compared both to the plan and the forecast used when preparing the state budget for 2016. According to the summary of the execution of the consolidated general budget published by the Treasury, in 2015 the deficit reached 372.3 million euro, compared to the deficit forecasted in the law on the state budget for 2015 - 286,6 million euro. The final assessment based on the requirements of the Fiscal Discipline Law will be made after the Central Statistical Bureau will publish the general government budget balance indicators for 2015, assessed according to the statistical methodology of the European Union.

The Council has previously noted that the measures for reaching budget balance targets have been insufficient and create a serious risk of triggering the correction mechanism to consolidate the government budget balance for the accumulated negative deviations from the objective of general government budget balance.