The report on the 2017 survey has been published  2 August 2017

The report on the 2017 survey has been published

The annual opinion survey on budget discipline was carried out in April 2017, in cooperation with the social research centre SKDS. The report presents the results of the survey, which (i) provide insight into public opinion on issues related to fiscal policy and sustainability, and (ii) raise questions that have to be addressed in the fiscal sustainability report currently being prepared by the Council.

The results show that there is strong public support for countercyclical fiscal policy and a pronounced preference for sound long-term thinking. However, dissatisfaction with the quality of public services and the perceived inadequacy of health care and social protection may be a source of future pressure to increase expenditures. This may entail higher deficits and threaten fiscal sustainability.

Council Fiscal risks expert's Emīls Ķīlis research paper is available here